Hello! I am currently available for full-time work. Additionally, I am open to consulting and high-level tutoring. Click around, explore, and feel free to reach out with questions.


University of Washington

Bachelor's of Science

I completed my degree in applied computational and mathematical sciences, with a specialization in signal processing. The bulk of my classes came from the applied math, math, statistics, and electrical engineering departments. I also took 10 graduate courses (primarily in applied math and math) as an undergraduate. Additionally, I was involved with research involving gesture recognition, and participated in the UW Business Plan Competition.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Summer Research Project

I worked on a research project in the VISL lab, where I worked on implementing simplified approximations to the geodesic active contour algorithm.

UC Merced

First year of Doctoral Program

I took a number of classes in the doctoral program in applied math. I also taught summer courses in calculus. Ultimately, I found the pace and style of the the learning to be unfulfilling, especially in contrast to the nearby Bay Area. My professors and advisors were individually fantastic, and the experience of being in a new university was exciting, but in the end, I was much happier striking out on my own in the startup and consulting worlds.

Bellevue College

Associates Degree

Thank you Washington state for having the Running Start program! I attended Bellevue College (while it was BCC) in lieu of high school and highly recommend it to anyone considering this path.